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Trial Info and FAQ's

When and where your trial takes place 

I usually advise your trial to be done 6-12 weeks before your wedding day. This gives you plenty of time to finalise all other wedding details that could impact hair and makeup such as your dress, hair accessories and colour scheme  

Trial dates are available Monday-Friday at my Bridal Studio just outside Manchester city centre. 

What to bring to you trial

  • Photos of hair and / or makeup looks you like

  • A photo of how you would usually wear your makeup (If you wear any at all, don't worry if you don't!). This helps me get an idea of your comfort zone.

  • If you have a favourite lipstick you can’t imagine NOT wearing on the day, bring this with you either as reference for me to colour match or to be incorporated in to your makeup look on the day!

  • Hair accessories (pins, tiara, veil, etc)  if you’ve already purchased them. This will help you to visualise hoe it's all going to look on the big day!   

  • If you’re wanting to incorporate hair extensions in to your bridal hair style, bring these with you so we can see how they will work. Please bear in mind for the best result, human hair extensions are always going to be best. Synthetic extensions don’t blend as well with hair and very often won’t curl in the same way as our natural hair. If you need advice on where to buy clip in extensions I am happy to help. If you're wanting hair extensions that will last a bit longer, I advise speaking to your hairdresser


What to expect at your Trial 

Whether you’re having a makeup trial, hair trial or both, we will always start with a consultation. We will discuss any ideas you’ve had for your big day while I build a picture of your wedding on the whole. I will usually ask to see pictures of your dress, ask about your venue, colour scheme etc to make sure the look we craft is going to complement not only you but your wedding on the whole.

We will talk about what you do and don’t like when it comes to makeup. Elements you know you want to include (If you can’t live without winged liner lets do it!) and elements you know you absolutely don’t want.

Once we’ve concluded the consultation and we’ve got a good idea of what you want, we will then start the makeup and/or hair process. I will check in with you while working to make sure you’re ok with everything, but please do bear in mind that makeup and hair are both a process and it may not look the way you’ve envisioned until it’s finished. I promise I won't leave you unblended concealer triangle or contour ;)

Once the look is complete, the MOST important thing to me is that you’re happy and comfortable in the look we’ve created. If there’s anything you’re not sure about PLEASE tell me and we will tweak it as many time as needed. Want more/less hair down around your face? Lets try it. Maybe a darker lipstick? No problem! I promise I won't bite or have a meltdown if we need to make a few changes. It's always best to finalise these things at the trial than be worrying about them on the big day! 

Once, and ONLY once you’re happy will I take photos of the look. These don’t get posted anywhere and aren’t shown to or shared with anyone by me (obviously you can share them with your bridal squad as much as you like). They are purely there for my reference so I can recreate the look for the wedding. 

What happens after your Trial Session?

After your trial is finished I advise keeping your makeup and/or hair on for a good few hours. This gives you time to see how it lasts and ensure you’re as happy with it just after it’s finished as you are at the end of the day. Pro tip, morning trials are great for this as you then have the whole day to test the makeup out! 


If, after you've had the makeup on for a few hours you feel you want to make a change, just shoot me a message and i'll make a note of any changes you want to make 


 - To lash or not to lash?
Lots of brides get stuck on this one. If you aren’t used to wearing lashes you’ll no doubt be worried about how comfortable lashes are going to be for such a long day. The lashes I use are incredibly light weight and rather than strip lashes
, I use individual cluster lashes. This means the lashes can be tailored exactly to your comfort level. If you aren’t sure, I recommend trying them at the trial and seeing how you feel. We can take pictures before the lashes are applied  and after so you have a comparison to look at. If you decide they’re not for you then we just won’t use them on the big day.

- What should I wear?
It’s not mandatory but i’d recommend wearing a white top or blouse if you can! Bonus points if it’s a similar neckline to your wedding dress. If you’re not used to seeing yourself with makeup and hair, it can be difficult to picture how the look is going to translate on the day once you’re in your dress and everyone around you is dressed up as well. Wearing white can help with the imagining of it all  

 - Can my bridal party have trials?
Absolutely! Bridal party trial prices are available to view on my website 

 - Can I bring someone with me?
Again, absolutely! If bringing someone with you is going to give you a little confidence boost than by all means bring them with you. My Studio can comfortably seat guests and I make a mean brew while they sit and watch. If you're bringing someone with you, make sure it's someone supportive who is going to big you up, not tear you down! Positive vibes only!

- How should I wear my hair and makeup to the trial?

It's best to come makeup free and with clean, dry hair for your trial

 - How long does the usually trial last?
I usually advise setting aside 3.5 hours for your trial. It MAY not take that long if we create your perfect look first try BUT the last thing you want is to feel rushed 

 - How come you don't offer weekend trials?
Simply put, my weekends are usually taken up with weddings. I don't like your trial to feel like it's being squeezed in wherever I can fit it and if i've been on a wedding with an early start I am usually a zombie in the afternoon!

- Can I have another trial?
If, after the trial you completely change your mind on the hair and makeup you want we can do another trial but please bear in mind there will be a charge for this.


Congratulations on making it through this massive wall of text! If you made it to the end and still have a question, drop me a message and i'll be happy to help
Hannah x   


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